THE HIT LIST - August 10, 2015

It's been a busy, busy year for the blog, and I seem to notice I'm running out of outstanding stunt reels. I may have to substitute if this keeps going, although I hope this turns around. Anyway, this week has a new Hit List installment and it should be an awesome evening or morning for you, wherever you are in the world as there are plenty of shorts and bits of webserial content to share with at least one being a matter of catching up for me.

I almost wish there were two of me for this thing.

Starting things off here is the stuntreel playlist with samplers by Robert Watson and Sean Taylor's stunt highlights from work on Josh Trank's Fant4stic, as well as reels by Tony Flores, Noah Woods, Lisa LoCascio, an excellent new reel from stunt coordinator and stuntman, Arnold Chon and a fantastic action reel courtesy of Martial Club's own Daniel Mah!

Now it's time to get fighting, and kicking things off are a trio of quick little fight action jewels, and I have a favorite from these. Cinematic Fight Studio initiates this round here with a test fight starring CFS student Nhan Du and martial artist and upcoming actor Tom Caserto, followed by Jeff Centauri's latest bit of madness in Young Model Fights Back: Secrets, a nifty little video from our German entertainers within the Noobtown Monkeys as dueling roommates, Player VS. Player and the latest test fight short, Captured, from Wolf Stunts!

Taking a moment to help share a little bit of webseries, YouTube Space has proven to be quite the breeding ground of ideas for Toku creative, indie filmmaker Bueno. The latest idea to come to fruition has finally taken shape in the new webseries, Ayakashi Zamurai, with Kimura Keisaku starring as a fugitive and wandering drifter armed with a kickass...puppy. Yes, I'm calling it a puppy until you see it for yourself.

The second video comes from the kind folks over at Shuriken Films in the wake of their new webseries launch, Warigami, starring Sam Marra in the story of a warrior on a mission to protect ancient scrolls while facing an opposition with a shared, unique skillset. It's visually impressive and the story and action share as every bit of intensity as you'd hope, and if you're new to the webseries, then you're just in luck. Because you can also catch the second episode today after you've seen the first in the player below!

And lastly, though far from least, oft contributor and independent action coordinator, James Couche, has a few gems of his own now out and about. One is the latest long-awaited short Demon Hunters:  Zero Mission, now online as of last week and serving up a nice little slice of sci-fi action cheese circa the mid-90's.

The second, and final video of the Hit List this week comes by the good graces of the latest milestone success of the current Kickstarter for director Michael Neal's webseries, Swords Of Insurgency, with the unveiling of the pilot while crowdfunding continues. Couche's team, DC Stunt Coalition led by stunt coordinator Dylan Hintz, designed the action with actress Rebecca Hausman front and center of this post-apocalyptic tale of one woman's struggle to survive tyrannical usurpers of the future.

Click here for more info, otherwise, enjoy both videos below!

A few noteworthy mentions here are necessary this week, particularly for independent filmmaker Frank T. Ziede who is currently around the corner with his latest military action series, Black. In the meantime, he's also promoting the Wednesday online premiere of his latest shortfilm, Dogs Of War, and there's an event page where you can join and view the trailer as well.

As for all else, there's plenty to catch up with if you're new to the Hit List, and last week's list is full of goodies if you missed any. And, if you or someone you know have QUALITY content you would like to host in our weekly Hit List, e-mail us at


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