The BAD BOYS Franchise Gets Two More Movies And Dates!

It's been twenty years since Bad Boys started blowing things up on the streets of Flordia, and with the second film in 2003, hopes for a third haven't quiet yet died. That said, a third in-line has been in development for some time now with Safe House scribe David Guggenheim attached to write the script back in 2013 prior to fellow franchise lead Martin Lawrence lending some lip service on Conan last year.

Moreover, just two months ago it was finally reported that A-Team and Stretch helmer Joe Carnahan was eyeing the director's chair, and we actually still need confirmation in that regard as we technically don't see a director attached just yet. However, we do have some extra info courtesy of THR and it looks like we're getting not one, but TWO more films to encompass a Bad Boys quadrilogy!

The report has announced that Bad Boys 3 will release on February 17, 2017, with a fourth installment dated for July 3, 2019. Granted, this could all change as this isn't the first time Sony plotted a course of release dates as recently as last year for the remainder of what would have been more Spider-Man movies with Andrew Garfield, long prior to its current reboot efforts. At any rate, we'll see what happens.

The site has also announced other release dates for forthcoming titles, including 2016 dates for Antoine Fuqua's upcoming Western remake, The Magnificent Seven, now set for September 23 (no longer January 2017) and Underworld 5 for October 21. Franchise lead actor Will Smith can also be seen next year as well in Warner Bros. upcoming DC adaptation, Suicide Squad on August 5.

Check back for more info.


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