Terracotta Unveils Its DVD Trailer For GANGSTER PAY DAY

Filmmaker Lee Po Cheung has worn several hats throughout his career with only a few stints in the director's chair. As such, his third and latest offering with lead actor Anthony Wong is finally making its way on DVD in the UK next month for the 2014 crime flick, Gangster Pay Day, and UK banner Terracotta Distribution is out and about with a new trailer ahead of then.

When a retired Triad boss faces threats to his legitimate business from a property development scheme backed by a rival gang, he has no choice but to dive back into the violent Hong Kong underworld one last time. Reunited with his former gang associates, they must settle old scores together and fight for what's theirs - can loyalty and honour still win the day?
Charlene Choi, Wong Yau Nam and Carrie Ng lead the principle cast and September 28 is the date. Watch the trailer below!


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