No One Can Save You From The LUMBERJACK MAN In The New Trailer!

After Dark Films has unveiled the forth title in its upcoming 8 Films To Die For slate of films attaining limited theatrical, disc and digital releases this October. It's Josh Bear's Lumberjack Man, no less adding another awesome killer character to the fray of cinematc urban legends to be feared and whatnot. This, couple with the usual formula of horny teenagers in the woods, semi-nude women and the imminent body count that ensues ought to be amply entertaining for all who are enthused. Plus it's always fun to wonder what kind of strategy you'd have to muster to kill someone so seemingly invincible...that is if you live long enough to tell the tale.

Read the announcement below and check out the latest trailer!
Los Angeles, CA (August 11, 2015) – The next film in Courtney Solomon’s After Dark Films ‘8 Films to Die For’ is serving up a killer plot.  Lumberjack Man will chop his way into the 4th spot of the lineup, in theaters October 16, 2015. 
Directed by Josh Bear, produced by Bill Muehl, with story by Josh Bear and Bill Muehl, and screenplay by Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin, Lumberjack Man will add comedic relief to the newly revived, terrifying collection. 
“This film has all the right toppings to make up a perfectly frightful feast,” says Stephanie Caleb, EVP, Creative Affairs & Acquisitions, “There’s gore, there’s suspense, there’s spring breakers at church camp, and bloody good pancakes for breakfast.” 
The film stars Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill: Vol. 1), Alex Dobrenko (Bloody Homecoming), Ciara Flynn (Replica 114), Chase Joliet (Zombex), and Adam Sessler (X-Play).  The deal was negotiated on behalf of After Dark Films by Ian Brereton. 
“I am very excited to be working with After Dark Films on the release of Lumberjack Man here in the US, and that horror fans will be able to experience the creation of a new icon in this fantastic genre,” says Josh Bear, director of the film and co-founder of Madisonian Films. 
Official Synopsis: As the staff of Good Friends Church Camp prepares for a spring break filled with "Fun Under the Son", a demon logger rises from his sap boiler to wreak his vengeance and feast on flapjacks soaked in the blood of his victims. 
‘8 Films to Die For’ will be released in theaters on October 16, 2015, with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment handling all ancillary forms of media, including Digital HD™, DVD and VOD.


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