Miike's YAKUZA APOCALYPSE Gets A North American Release!

Are you ready to watch Yakuzas, vampires and killers in frog costumes collide in epic fashion? Then you're just in luck in the wake of Ichi The Killer and 13 Assassins helmer Miike Takashi's latest bit of action horror fanfare from the Cannes and Fantasia circuit, Yakuza Apocalypse.

Variety reports the film, starring Ichihara Hayato and Yayan Ruhian, has a North American release date through Samuel Goldwyn Films set for October 9. The film earned mixed reviews whilst sustaining itself as a notable and spectacular for the director who, prior to production, stated his earlier hopes for a return to basics.

The film, written by Yoshitaki Yamaguchi, centers on a loyal Yakuza underling who, after being bitten and turned into a vampire, sets out to avenge the death of his once-seemingly invincible boss at the hands of an assassin and his men.

Mark the date on your calendars and stay tuned for more information!


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