May Evil Hearts Break In The New Teaser For Indo Superhero Actioner, VALENTINE!

With the rise of Indonesian action cinema as of late, it's become evermore clear that superhero films are the market to tap into. Executive producer Sarjono Sustrisno (Guardian) and his team at Skylar Pictures learned this lesson well prior to founding Skylar Comics in 2013 with a slate of superhero franchises of its own, including the 2014 launch of female-centric comic book heroine, Valentine.

As such, the new film, directed by Agus Pesto and based on the comic, takes place in fictional crime-ridden Batavia City where Srimaya, an ordinary waitress with dreams of becoming an actress soon finds herself in the thick of real world danger and facing true evil, with no choice but to cloak her heroics in a costume under her titular alter-ego. Actress Estelle Linden stars in the title role and with a release set for next year, we have our first teaser and it does start off a little slow, but gladly picks things up in the latter half with a fresh and awesome glimpse of the costumed action.

Keep this in mind while we continue to wait for Hollywood to bring us Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. Just sayin.


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