Liam Neeson To Play General MacArthur Korean War Drama, OPERATION CHROMITE

Turning in a string of action hits for the past several years has certainly earned actor Liam Neeson much credibility ahead of his looming retirement from action roles. It continues as of this week with word that he's now been comfirmed by Taewon Entertainment to star as General Douglas MacArthur in the new Korean War film, Operation Chromite.

The film stands as another potential commercial success befitting Korean War genre flicks of late - specifically the July release of Northern Limit Line which became Korea's top grossing local film of the year, and comes at a time when Asian studios have branched out with casting and crewing as a lucrative formula. Here, Neeson will lead the currently-developing cast for the story centered on eight heroes leading the pivotal U.N.-backed South Korean charge against the communists of the North on September 10, 1950.
2010's 71: Into The Fire writing and directing duo Lee Man-Hee and John H. Lee (a.k.a. Lee Jae-Han) are reuniting once more for this one with a release on June 25, 2016 marking the 65th anniversary of the Korean War.

The Taken trilogy and Run All Night star was also recently tapped for a role in Brian Kirk's Narco Sub for Fox among a few other titles, so we'll keep an eye out for more details in the months ahead.



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