Is 'Street Fighter' Actor Mike Moh Going To Play Bruce Lee In BIRTH OF THE DRAGON?

Call it what you may, some would call it providence.

The past several years have been a key interval in screening martial arts and acting talent for several major properties. Accordingly, director Joey Ansah's efforts to bring Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist to life led to the emergence of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight co-star, actor and martial artist Mike Moh to the forefront of the film and its upcoming sequel, Street Fighter: World Warrior.

Suffice it to say, it's kept Moh on the map with even more promise of awesome things to come, and you needn't look further than his official fan page where Moh himself has announced he's been considered for the title role in director George Nolfi's upcoming Bruce Lee biopic, Birth Of The Dragon from QED International and Groundswell Productions. Casting had been announced back in June, so it's safe to say that Moh's announcement is rather timely, as delightful as it is.

Written by Nixon and Ali scribes Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele, the film will be told from the perspective of Steve Mackin, once a student of Lee, who ultimately joins forces with Lee and Chinese martial arts master Wong Jack Man to take on vicious Chinatown gangsters in the days leading up to the historic closed-doors fight between Lee and Wong.

Wilkinson and Rivele are also producing with Janice Williams, QED founder and CEO Bill Block, and with Groundswell CEO Michael London. Kelly Mullen is executive producing for QED.

The slow burn of progress for this film has been quite obvious, but nonetheless a fruitful one seeing as how Moh is now being eyes for the role of a very major icon in martial arts and movie history.

Stay tuned for more information on Birth Of The Dragon and Street Fighter: World Warrior.


  1. sounds like self promotion 'i am being considered!" as are several hundred other people no doubt

    1. No doubt, and indeed it is self promotion. It doesn't make it any less deserving if he is to get the part. It's hus fanpage and he can promote himself anyway he pleases. :-)


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