Indiegogo Alert: PART TIME HERO PROPS Needs Your Help!

Writing for this blog in the past two-and-a-half years or so has connected me to a vast social medium of stunt professionals from various walks of life, and many of whom share passions outside their field. Oft-freerunner Shaun Beehag has a craft of his own as well, heavily engaged in Brisbane's cosplay community for the last six years designing and costumes and promoting his work to other cosplayers.

Aside from the utmost love for one's work, it also takes a degree of meticulous focus and concentration which often leans into obsessive tediousness (coming from an artist's background, I understand the struggle). It also takes space and notable equipment to make the things you want to make, and for this, Beehag is looking to upgrade his workspace at his company, Part Time Hero Props, through the help of his recenly-launched Indiegogo platform.

There are plenty of awesome perks to take advantage of and you can learn more about it at the Indiegogo page. Otherwise, check the gallery just beneath his campaign video below to sample a little of what he can do, and feel free to visit his fan page on Facebook and lend your support!

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