Help Kickstart Leonardo Corbucci's Martial Arts Drama, THE ART OF FIGHTING

Actor and martial artist Jin Kelley is currently in the midst of a month-long crowdfunding campaign to help raise money for the post-production of a new proof-of-concept shortfilm. The Art Of Fighting is the name of the project from director Leonardo Corbucci and is just about halfway toward its current goal in the hopes of guaranteeing a fully-fledged feature, and not for nothing either - especially with backing by BJJ Master Rigan Machado, Hollywood stuntman and actor Jon Komp Shin and action legend, actor James Lew also on board.
The Art of Fighting is a story about a humble guy named Daniel.  Daniel is in the beginning stages of a relationship with his girlfriend Rosie.  Rosie wants Daniel to learn to fight until she realizes that not only does he know how to fight, but is an accomplished martial artist with a dark past.  
Through this journey Rosie learns from Daniel that winning isn't always everything. The journey is always about the fight, and has no base in emotions. Rage, fear, discomfort nor excitement shall control him, even for a single second.  
He can endure the bitterest cold or the fiercest heat. When faced with death itself, his mind is perfectly still. The odds, the dangers, and the opponents may be massively against him and yet his concentration, steady and sharp as a sword, may cut through them all. 
Yes, he is a spiritual being indeed – but his spirit is the distilled essence of violence in his art, .........the art of fighting! 
Looking at recent films like Phillip Rhee's Underdog Kids and Michael Baumgarten's upcoming drama, The Martial Arts Kid, it'll be nice to see another contemplative film that goes right to the heart of a positive message. I like this trend as it provides just a great balance to a lot of other films out there and I look forward to seeing what comes of this one.


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