Acclaimed Action Director Art Camacho To Attend LEGENDS OF THE MARTIAL ARTS AWARDS In October

We're down to the wire for the upcoming release of acclaimed veteran stunt and fight coordinator Art Camacho's upcoming feature debut, The Chemist, which will soon get an audience later this year at the Action On Film Festival in Santa Monica, California. Camacho is still keeping busy on other projects as well with the current development of sequels to the 2001 actioner, Final Payback, as well as the 1993 film, To Be The Best, as per its announcement last year.

In the meantime, folks familiar with the Legends Of The Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Awards will find Camacho among a slew of nominiees and recipients attending the event set for October 9 through 11 at the brand new Kalahari Resorts & Conventions at the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Camacho will be giving a seminar on October 11 as well in addition to ceremony vice-president, actress and action legend, Grandmaster Cynthia Rothrock.

Rothrock and LOTMA President and founder, Grandmaster Eric Kovaleski announced Camacho's attendance on Satuday via the following: "It is such an honor to have famous movie diector, Master Art Camacho attending the Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards. Master Camacho will be receiving the Living Legends Award. Congratulations sir, it will be an honor to present to you! Art Camacho was also the director of 'The Chemist ', an award-winning movie, which he will be showing the trailer at the Legends Awards. He will also be teaching a seminar on Fight Choreography on Sunday, where he will be looking for new talent as well as hosting a Fight Choreography Contest with Lady Dragon Cynthia Rothrock on Saturday.".

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Lead Photo: Robert Duron, Domain Photography 


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