A Samurai And His Cat Face The World In The New Teaser For SAMURAI CAT 2: A TROPICAL ADVENTURE

Actor Kitamura Kazuki is back and defending his new beloved companion in the new period  comedy, Samurai Cat 2: A Tropical Adventure. Expanding on its initial tvk programming, it's almost impossible to put into words just what makes a narrative like this so appealing, but it's something many can relate to in a way - a lone, masterless samurai who finds new meaning in life when he refuses to kill a cat at the behest of his employer. How fucking awesome is that, and the cat, well... the cat's performance clearly speaks for itself.

From Japan Cuts:
Everyone’s favorite grumpy samurai and cute white cat are back! Once feared as “Madara the Devil,” master swordsman Kyutaro Madarame (Kazuki Kitamura) returns home from Edo a lowly ronin, living with his mother-in-law. When she tells him of an opportunity to work as sword instructor on the island of Shikoku, he sets off on a journey with his feline companion Tamanojo. When a ninja heads them off he should know things are not what they seem. Former Assistant Director to Takashi Miike, Takeshi Watanabe helms this ambitious follow-up co-written by star Kitamura (recipient of JAPAN CUTS’ 2014 CUT ABOVE Award), who came up with the film’s wild story.
The film just had its festival run including events in New York City and Bucheon in South Korea and is finally releasing in Japan on September 5. Watch the newest teaser below!


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