Watch Z-Team Film's Hard-Hitting Webseries Pilot, DRAINED WORLD

It was last October on the cusp of finally releasing their debut feature film, Die Fighting, action and film production duo Fabien Garcia and Lohan Buson and the folks over at Z-Team Films began advancing their next cinematic venture into webseries territory. Their new action-packed pilot, Drained World, already an award-winning feat from its presence at the WideScreen Film And Music Festival from just this Spring, is now online with a call-to-action outro attached at the end to help ask fans for donations that not only guarantee the delivery of cool perks in exchange, but a series that no less continues the progressive state of martial arts action fandom by an award-winning team that knows how to deliver solid martial arts action within any subgenre of film.

In a world circling the drain and filled with plague, a man finds brief solace in a bunker deep within a forest. He moves to continue his journey but scavengers will make a simple task seem much more difficult. 
Drained World is set in 2080, many years after the end of the Third World War which saw the near-eradication of the human population due to constant violence and conflict. Those who’ve survived live in continuous strife. Money holds no vice, not in this new world - clean water and edible food serve as the new barter, and people do not hesitate to end lives to survive.

A few unexpected delays hindered the project's initial airing on Sunday ahead of my Hit List piece the following evening, although I did have the opportunity to screen a press copy, and needless to say, I wasn't disappointed. An original series thriller with a dystopian setting, a macabre feel and other sci-fi and fantasy elements, a potentially larger cast with quality acting and stunt talent and one wholly validated by festival accolades as we speak, is definitely something I can see Z-Team Films building off of with the support of fans and investors alike.

Drained World currently has a ten episode agenda from here on out, and with the pilot now officially online, the production is looking to finance nine more installations that not only guarantee cool perks in exchange, but a full first season of thrilling martial arts action and visual spectacle that dares to entertain in ways only the Z-Team could. If you haven't already sampled their skillset with their debut feature, Die Fighting, you can find the movie right now wherever movies are digitally available for purchased streaming and downloading with a current theatrical run now underway in the Philippines.

You can learn more about Drained World at its official website where you may learn more about how you can help bring this powerful new webseries to life. Otherwise, watch the award-winning pilot episode below, with Garcia starring and joined by actress Christy St. John, action actor Antoine Piquet and many more with choreography by Garcia and stellar cinematography by French lensman Godefroy Ryckewaert.


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