Take A Look At The First Poster For Upcoming Action Thriller, MEZA: DAVID'S STORY

It's no easy feat to put together an amazing, full-length martial arts movie project. Nonetheless, it's a challenge conquered by Ontario-based film and stage performance troupe, Team 2x, led by debut director James Mark for the upcoming action sci-fi thriller, Meza: David's Story.

Team member and debut actor Chris Mark snags the title role as a troubled high school student whose latent "powers and abilities" emerge in the heat of battle, forcing him to face the secret organization he once escaped, and re-awaken the killer bred within him in order to survive. The ultimate vision for the film is said to be an exciting blend of all things people know and love about espionage thrillers a la Robert Ludlum with a touch of fantasy via the Wachowskis', otherwise presenting a fantastic formula for a story as driven as this one, and this is all going by written word until the trailer finally premieres next week.

Until then, the very first official poster has arrived ahead of the cast and crew screening this weekend, and it's full of all the teasy splendor that awaits. Check it out below, and stay tuned for more...and I mean MUCH more!


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