Sooo....This Happened!

Did you hear that last statement? Now, I won't speculate too much, but considering the events in Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing, I wouldn't put it past the production of Boyka: Undisputed IV to at least include a cameo or a last minute-casting role for Michael Jai White - either this, or a reunion for a fifth installment of the Universal Soldier franchise in which S.E.T.H. is somehow reincarnated and forced to fight John, Luc Deveraux, GR13 and the NGU in an epic fivesome UniSol smackethdown of some kind.
Imagine that.

At at any rate, the prospects of White and actor Scott Adkins getting back together can only produce good things, so we'll see what happens. In the meantime, White is on the way with Never Back Down 3 and Adkins is bringing Boyka center-ring once again in Boyka: Undisputed IV. Stick around for more details!


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