Shoreline Acquires Martial Arts Drama, SHILO

Filmmaker, producer, martial artist and actor Edwin S. Nichols III is now well into the next phase of his film career following the completion of his new movie, Shilo. A trailer has already made its way online and judging by the footage, there's plenty of substance to go on with Nichols III in a lead role for a story that would make Patrick Swayze proud.

Moreover, the movie is based on a true story at that, which isn't to assert that our subject here looked as gloriously badass as Nichols III does here. But, I do bet there's a story to tell there too, as legendary as it sounds! As such, the official fan page for the film has announced its international platform over at Shoreline Entertainment with plans to enter the film into festivals very soon.

Read the announcement below (which I've edited on THIS article to include the official website's synopsis accordingly [*]) and if you missed the trailer, check it out as well just beneath!
Following negotiations between Shoreline Entertainment executives and SHILO executive producer Edwin S. Nichols III, a representation deal inclusive of world sales rights was consummated on June 22nd. 
Shoreline Entertainment is one of the longest-running, most prolific, and most highly-respected companies in the film industry. As a US and International Sales Agent, Production Company and Management Entity, Shoreline is an eminent participant at more than a dozen major media markets and countless festivals every year, and has represented films that have been nominated for Independent Spirit and Golden Globe awards, as well as films that have been honored as winners at several high-profile festivals. 
*Haunted by his past and running from the law, a troubled and mysterious drifter finds peace while helping a struggling children’s camp which teeters on foreclosure.  When he befriends the owner’s grandson, a young terminally ill child, the boy soon finds some much needed inspiration from an unlikely source.  As a corrupt developer uses bully tactics to persuade a sale, Shilo must come to terms as the last line of defense for a family about to lose their land, and the small town soon discovers their new volunteer is not what he seems.  Blinded by his moral convictions and willing to do right at no matter the cost, Shilo is forced to take a stand for the camp and ultimately make a decision that changes countless lives, forever.  
*This film is based on a true story. With an uplifting all inspiring theme, and masterfully entertaining fight choreography, the film is a true heartfelt account of beating odds and overcoming adversity. It is a must see for any fan of a great underdog story! 
Excited about the film, acquisitions executive Melody Djavadi stated “SHILO is really a great movie. It is stronger and more compelling than many big budget studio films I have seen, and one I can take my mother or grandmother to without feeling funny… It’s just a good solid family movie that anyone can enjoy.” 
The film, which has been praised for not relying on extreme vulgarity and other shock tactics to hold an audience, has also recently gained much praise among test audiences for its fight choreography and unique martial arts action. One critic said “Unlike most of the action out there today, the fighting in SHILO is very dynamic and believable. It looks and feels real!” Another stated “Excellent action! You have some world class fight scenes that had me clapping and wanting more!” 
Hollywood vet John Gimino added “The story is very strong and inspiring, and the amazing fights throughout both inspire and entertain. Shilo struck me as a cross between Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris. Although he kicked a few people in the head, they were all bad and deserved it. Well done!” 
When asked about the deal, Nichols stated “I am very happy to have Shoreline representing SHILO. They have been around a long time, have a great reputation for doing what they say, and get results. Coming from a marketing background I can appreciate their role in this deal. I look forward to working closely with them on the distribution of SHILO and having their partnership for years to come in my future projects.” 
Currently preparing for festivals and expected to be well received based on test audience reviews, the film is definitely one to keep up with. With a strong and heartfelt plot combined with excellent action, it is definitely worth viewing and one that you will truly have to see to believe!


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