Help Kickstart Michael Neal's New Action-Packed Webseries, SWORDS OF INSURGENCY!

It's always welcoming to see original content stake its claim in the eyes of the film viewing world. As tough as it is to sustain, however, opportunities for things like this most certainly advantageous, and so director Michael Neal is now ready to heed the call with crowdfunding at his disposal for the hopeful support of his newest webseries, Swords Of Insurgency.

There's no doubt that this one assures quality in its inspired vision between production values and cast performances. I had the opportunity to screen the pilot episode myself awhile back and observe lead actress Rebecca Hausman in the lead role and was very impressed with what I saw in an episode full of drama, intensity and phsyicality worthy of capturing on camera with great fight action put together by indie action design team, DC Stunt Coalition, led by oft-contributor to Film Combat Syndicate, fight choreographer James Couche.

The set design, costumes and overall indoor and outdoor settings were fantastic, and all done with a small investment and it goes to show the level of talent you have to have in achieving that sort of thing. Clearly the talent is there with Neal, Hausman, Couche and the rest of the cast, and with the help of Kickstarter through generous donations in exchange for some tasty perks - including an exclusive viewing of the first episode, Swords Of Insurgency will surely be a feat to enjoy in a webseries with all the trimmings.
Decades have passed since the great apocalypse destroyed civilization. The world has now become a reincarnation of the dark ages, warlords rule and fight for domination. Firearms are now scarce and held only by a few who use it to maintain power; hand to hand warfare has returned as the dominant form of control or liberation against tyranny. 
Our story begins with Abigail a proud warrior with dark past, now imprisoned in a brutal political prison, run by the Emperor Taneg and his son Droll, a demented psychopath with a disturbing infatuation for Abi. 
On the outside a rebellion grows against the monstrous Taneg and his prison, Abigail must find a way to escape and join the rebels and their mysterious leader. But to what extent will she go? And what awaits her on the outside, is she stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire? 
A vicious world has been formed and Abi will find out first hand what it takes to survive and what it means to be human, in world full of beasts and monsters.

Swords of Insurgency Trailer from Omar juarez on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks Lee for the great article, James and Rebecca have been excellent! And I also have to mention the great work Dylan Hintz has done, also a fight choreographer for the series. Many members of his DC Stunt Coalition were in the cast and performed in the stunt work as well.


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