Get Ready For The 3rd Annual URBAN ACTION SHOWCASE & EXPO In New York City This Fall!

From L to R: Taimak, Demetrius Angelo and Michael Jai White pose for the cameras at Urban Action Showcase & Expo last November.
The Urban Action Showcase & Expo has endured two successful runs since launching in 2013 at the behest of its founder and executive producer, Demetrius Angelo. Each event has been jam-packed with star-studded attendances, screenings and seminars hosted by a variety of figures in the action movie industry with an array of creatives lending their own projects to the fray for the hopeful attention of studios and platforms to gain recognition.

As such, this Fall will mark the third installation and will take place at its current home between both HBO and AMC Empire 25 in the Times Square section of Manhattan in New York City the weekend of November 5. As per its motus oppurande, UASE 2015 wil aim to present its focus on diversity and the timeless multicultural progression in the world of action cinema in all its forms, and the sub-genres therein as it has done with the help of such celebrities as Fred Williamson, Taimak, Cynthia Rothrock, Michael Jai White, Ernie Reyes Jr., Isaac Florentine, Kelly Hu and many, many more. In addition, attendees can expect to partake in the celebration of martial arts action classics, Berry Gordy's 1984 hit, The Last Dragon, and director Lawrence Kassanoff's 1995 adaptation of the popular Midway fighting game, Mortal Kombat.

The expo will also further the advancement and promotion of independent content, otherwise with the company of Angelo's current crowdfunfing efforts for the martial arts fantasy action short, Galtow, ahead of its hopeful feature film to follow.

Head over to the official website or call 646 431-4753 where you can learn more about the expo and what it entails, how you can attend, the dates and features, and even partake in its promotion.


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