Everyone Is Out To Kill Luke Goss In The New Trailer For AWOL-72!

The Nightcrew helmer, director Christian Sesma will finally be getting the release treatment for his newest, AWOL-72 next month. Dates are pending but a new trailer is now circulating as of the weekend with actors Luke Goss and Bokeem Woodbine back in the fray with Sesma as a rogue MP on the run from soviet agents, the police, and pretty much everyone who is armed and has authority. Clearly there won't be much room to rest in between.

Conrad Miller, is an AWOL military officer who has been accused of selling secrets to ex KGB during the cold war. When Miller realizes he has been tracked by his counterpart hit man Myron, Miller knows his love, and his compromise has been threatened, and he does the only thing humanly possible. RUN. The Soviets enlist the services of Detective Adams to aid them in the local hunt to track down Miller by any means necessary. Miller has 72 hours to make his rendezvous point and get out of the country with his love and the only secrets that will keep him alive.
Actresses Mary Christina Brown and Heather Roop, and actor, The RZA also star. Watch the trailer below and sure to visit the official website for further information about the film's release.


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