DRAGONFEST 2015: Steve Oedekerk Announces Plans For KUNG POW 2!

Actor and comedian Steve Oedekerk took to the crowd at Dragonfest on Sunday to announce a sequel to his 2002 hybrid kung fu comedy hit, Kung Pow: Enter The Fist. The film was an amalgam of new footage and audio edited and mixed via chroma key with that of the 1977 Jimmy Wang Yu actioner, Tiger And Crane Fist, and it's been thirteen years since the film's successful release by 20th Century Fox.

Joined with the addition of actress Jennifer Tung and actor and stuntman Leo Lee, Oedekerk led the first film in the role of The Chosen One, a "gifted" kung fu fighter confronted with the task of facing a horde of minions led by Master Pain, an evil martial arts warlord who tried to kill him as a newborn long prior to arriving to The Chosen One's town and renaming himself "Betty". The film literally pokes at everything kung fu cinephiles know and love about the genre, waxing hyperbole with parody after parody of tropes from films new and old, including an epic fight between Oedekerk and a kung fu cow that squirts milk as a long-range weapon a la The Matrix. Elements like this, coupled with genius over-the-top voice dubbing, French aliens, gopher-chucks, a sexy unibreasted guide named Whoa, and a lead hero bearing a tongue with its own face made for an otherwise odd, but fascinating compilation of kung fu comedy that still speaks to its audience to this day.

A sequel was hinted at by the end of the first film as well which left many wondering just when a second would occur. At any rate, it appears that time has come and hopefully further news will surface to help fans understand what's happening here with just what lies ahead for The Chosen One, and Tonguey.


  1. Omg, this is great news! I've forgotten how much I loved the first film, until this article just reminded me :) I am now really looking forward to a sequel!

  2. All these years they said;

    "You'll never make it. Never make it. Never make it. Never make it, never. Don't you see you can't make it?"

    I'm so glad they were wrong! ;op

  3. Stuntman Leo Lee should play the role of Heihachi Mishima in the Tekken remake.

  4. NEAT!!! Cannot wait! Well, for a short time maybe... Then I will cry a bit, deny it was ever going to happen, then get angry and tear apart some phone books, then accept it.. I guess.. Hope it happens though, so I don't have to go through all that noise.


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