Chris Mark To Make His Lead Debut In Team 2x's New Action Thriller, MEZA: DAVID'S STORY

It's been a couple of years since the folks over at Ontario-based martial arts film and stage performance troupe, Team 2X, initiated crowdsourcing for high-concept independent action adventure thriller, Genetix. Nowadays, with production having moved forward and already at its completion, the film has since taken new life under its new title, Meza: David's Story, spearheaded by stuntman Chris Mark (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Warcraft) making his lead acting debut with brother and team co-founder, industry stunt performer and coordinator James Mark (Wolves, Falling Skies, Pacific Rim) debuting at helm.

Crowdfunding initially began at in 2013, and as with most independent productions, changes in budget can ultimately determine whether original production goals can be met, or have to be changed. Information on this project currently remains obscure as the cast and crew prepare for an exclusive screening, so with any luck the team will begin their promotional campaign for the new film before the summer season ends. At any rate, if you're not yet familiar with Team 2x, much of their work can be found online with a swarm of videos showcasing exceptional martial arts talent and spectacle. This, paired accordingly with an attractive cinematic scope will surely grant Meza: David's Story, the audience it needs to make sure it becomes a hit and continue to fortify the role of quality martial arts action cinema in the future of movie history.

Within present day society exists a secret operation run by an organization responsible for abducting runaways and orphans trained to be heartless, brainwashed killers. Only one was ever lucky enough to escape from the horrific program. Meet David. Now a quiet, disturbed teenager suffering from crippling nightmares, he hides within the school system under the supervision of his caretaker Andre Chan. His world crumbles as he is located and subsequently attacked, in his homeroom class of all places. As he rediscovers his latent "powers," his story unwinds, relying on the emergence of his alter ego to survive the cat and mouse chase. With various action sequences and stunts, this martial arts intense, anime inspired, action film breaks down the boundaries between inherent and adopted identity. This is the MATRIX meets Bourne Identity through the eyes of a young, troubled teenager.
A few stills can be viewed in the subsequent album below with the most recent one up first for viewing. Stay tuned for more information and follow the film's progress on Facebook.

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