Check Out Some Pics From #SDCC2015!

The Comic-Con uproar has since fizzled from last weekend's electricity over many of the gems that fans got to view and observe. Simultaneously, with the event being one of the biggest, it's also something I currently don't get to attend since distance is reigning factor in that regard, and for this, I was kindly met with an opportunity by independent filmmaker Mark Anthony Gadia, a friend in the area who managed to visit the event for a few days and was willing to snap a few detailed and up-close photos of a few of the booths and their various exhibits, namely Legendary's Warcraft scenery, costumes on full display for several  WB/DC Entertainment properties, a quick pic of Marvel's Agent Carter series star, actress Peggy Atwell, and more.

Granted it's been four days since I got these and I haven't had the time to work on editing this post, but I hope it offers a little something to your fandom as it does mine. Special thanks to Mark for hooking this up and taking the time to bring these to our attention, and by all means, follow him on YoutubeFacebook and Twitter

@FCSyndicate - #SDCC2015


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