Adi Shankar's Dark Superhero Drama GODS AND SECRETS Adds Five To Its Cast!

Bootleg Universe made quite a bit of noise earlier this year with filmmaker Joseph Kahn's Power/Ranger one-shot shortfilm. The short continued to gain virility with its release amid its controversy with producer Adi Shankar handling all PR on the matter and for what it's worth, it was a worthwhile attention getter, so it bring to mind the question as to what lies ahead for Shankar in the process.

Well, leave it to a new report from Deadline that The Grey and Dredd 3D producer, along with Stewart Yost, will be making his directorial debut for another darly-lit venture, and this time into superhero territory with the new fantasy drama, Gods And Secrets. From creators Shankar, Jenni Powell and Shawn Deloache, Discourse Productions is producing the project with Twilight Saga co-star Jackson Rathbone who is starring. The report states the new drama will be likened to The Watchmen in exploring the extra shades of grey opposite typical superhero stereotypes, with a plot described as follows:
In a world in which superheroes exist, personal foibles and the resulting celebrity culture are front and center. In the story, tragedy has struck the superheroic team Guardians of Justice, and in its aftermath secrets are revealed, lives are changed, and the war to end all wars begins.
Also starring are WWE superstar Diamond Dallas Page, star of the upcoming Bruce Willis action thriller Extraction - actor Kellan Lutz, You're Next star Sharni Vinson and actor and YouTube personality, Andy Milonakis. Stay tuned for more details!


  1. Hola! It's actually Jenni Powell, not Powers (that's me!) and the company is Discourse Productions.

  2. Aloha Jenni! Corrections noted and made. Deadline wrote it as 'Media' and I wholeheartedly blame autocorrect for the name flub lol. Thanks for catching my piece as well as for the extra eyes.


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