This Club Is For Girls Only! FIGHT VALLEY Casts Tate And Holm With Cyborg In Talks!

Putting aside all the latest hype from Chuck Palahniuk's latest graphic novel sequel to David Fincher's 1999 beat 'em up psych drama, Fight Club, the idea of an all-female version of this particular kind of movie is pretty intriguing. Alas, that's the comparison being used here in the wake of recent news surrounding MMA fighters Holly Holm and Miesha Tate who have apparently scored a major roles in the new urban action drama, Fight Valley.

The Albuquerque Journal initially reported the information on Monday this week with word from cinematographer Michael Lucas by way of an email to the journal from Holm's promoter Lenny Fresquez, confirming Holm's involvment. There's no complete word on the casting and crewing so far other than what's been mention on the film's IMDb page (as of this write-up) and official website, the former which lists the film as actor and stuntman Eric Aude's directorial debut alongside veteran filmmakers Rob Hawk and Joe Tornatore for the production to begin in New York this August.

When Tory Coro turns up dead, the neighborhood turns up silent. Rumor has it she became yet another victim of an organized underground fight club where girls go to face their worst enemies, never knowing if the abandoned industrial park dubbed FIGHT VALLEY will be the last place they will be seen alive. Tory’s sister Windsor moves to town to begin her own investigation on her sister’s mysterious death. 
She’s quick to learn that Tory fought for money, just to make ends meet. If girl-next-door Windsor is going to make her way into FIGHT VALLEY to find the truth about Tory, she’s going to have to fight her way in. There’s only one problem. She doesn’t know how to fight. 
Former FIGHT VALLEY champion “Jabs” (Starring pro fighter Miesha Tate) swore she would never throw a punch in the Valley again. Jabs now finds herself training Windsor to survive the painful, unexpected path she’s about to take. Every corner. Every alley. Every doorway. She must follow the last footsteps of her sister in order to come face-to-face with Tory’s killer in FIGHT VALLEY.
The Journal further details Holm's character as "Payton Walsh, a mainstream fighter who shows “Jabs” what it’s like to fight within the rules." - I assume this means we'll be seeing Holm and Tate going toe-to-toe in the film at some point, while the report also throws in a possible casting mention of Cristiane Justino (a.k.a. Cris Cyborg); Casting is yet to be determined for the lead role of Windsor among others.

As for whether or not this line-up can deliver on the acting chops as equal to their fighting abilities, your guess is as good as mine. Other than that, Fight Valley sounds a lot like it takes cues from titles such as Best Of The Best 2 and Green Street 3 more than anything, but, no complaints here. There are more female-centric tournament actioners coming soon, and this newest venture just further adds to the excitement within the niche it was meant for, especially with people like Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey getting their kicks on screen as well, so let's hope this one becomes a hit.

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  1. I love this idea. Real beauty is here from man. All my fave in one movie. Thanks girls.


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