THE HIT LIST - June 29, 2015

This week's Hit List is definitely running light, but there are definitely a few gems worth sharing here, including a Film Combat Syndicate Exclusive!

But, first things first as the Hit List kicks off with a thrilling new stunt reel playlist for the week. The highlights including feats from Jaime DiLeo, Miles Brew, Juan De la Cruz, Rachel Lynn David, Kawui Joa, Mounir Quazzani, Brett Praed, Taylor Hemmeter, Matt Kennedy and the latest team action reel from Michael Lehr, Katelyn Brooke, Narayana Cabral and others at Fight Factory Stunt Team. The awesome reel beneath the playlist comes directly from Vimeo via fight choreographer Jimmy Lui!

Jimmy Lui Fight Choreography Reel from Jimmy Lui on Vimeo.

The folks over at Washington D.C.-based Rising Tiger Films are currently readying to lend some festival eyes to their latest dramatic action crime short, Black Scar Blues. I had the pleasure of posting my own review of the project and I proudly stand by it...and apparently so does director, actor and fight coordinator Leroy Nguyen who included a quote from me on the poster he will be using to help present the project to various festivals until its public airing later this year; I rarely get quoted on posters, so this was a joy to come across. Peep it.

And now we get to the action, and to get things started is a brand new clip from the upcoming sci-fi action short, Blue Hope. Starring and directed by Marina Voruz with actor and martial artist Austin Jorgensen, the short tells the story of Jack and Lana, whose romantic fate will be determined in a brutal reunion long after Lana's sudden disappearance and inexplicable "transformation".

The shortfilm is currently undergoing a few festival entries by October with plans for a November airing while both Voruz and Jorgensen set the course for another upcoming action comedy project. In the meantime, here's a small montage-cut of the climatic fight from Blue Hope!

And then there was that one time actor, stuntman and YouTube creative Devin "@KidHaru" White challenged actor and filmmaker Joey Min on whether or not a dog could be elegantly used as a deadly kung fu weapon. That was fun!

As I usually say, its never too late or early for Halloween. As such, horror seems to be the running theme at the moment and a few of these next videos come with a twist.

The first of the batch comes straight fron the folks over at Genesis Action Stunts who are usually more geared toward stylish choreography bits. This time they're a little less graceful but even moreso brutal in their latest array of exchanges between iconic horror mainstays, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers; You can pretty much guess who lives and dies at the end of that one.

The latter two come from the gang over at WTFLOL who are no strangers to cult fandom in the past few years of their existence. They managed to succeed in their adherence to filmlore with their 2014 fan short, Marvel Zombies vs. The Evil Dead which initially aired at the bottom of 2013 prior to being briefly censored at the behest of Marvel. Legal stuff occurred, things happened, hands were shaken and the project finally went back up early last year, and to much approval from fans.

You can watch it for yourself here if you're just now seeing it. I've only just discovered it for myself and a project like this comes just in time with Starz packaging a brand new Ash serial TV reboot. But apart from that, WTFLOL is in post production with their sequel short, Ash VS. The DC Dead, featuring fellow character faves Green Arrow and Lobo in its latest trailer.

Watch all three videos below!

This one isn't a scripted drama or other, but a trailer for an upcominng three-part serial documentary from online womens' periodical, Cleo. Writer Lizza Gebilagin is at the center of this latest experiment in the form of Fight Like A Girl, showcasing what happens when a writer journeys into the world of MMA training in a seven-month regimen that will before ultimately determining her skillset in a competitive arena. The series launches on July 7, so you would be wise to subscribe.

The folks over at Z-Team Films have already made headway with the most recent online digital release of their cult action feature hit, Die Fighting. This time they are taking their efforts to a new dimension - a dystopian future with Earth's natural resources near depletion and mankind leaning on virtual extinction...

Essentially, enter Drained World and watch Fabien Garcia kick and bash the shit out of some zombies, basically.

It's awesome to follow various martial artists and performers alike who not only show off their prowess, but also share their amazing adventures, and actor and tutorialist Aaron "Gingerninja" Gassor has definitely has his share so far. From the gym to comic-cons, catch all his videos right now on his channel, and if you're new to his craft, here's a cool trailer to help warm you up!

And lastly, comic book creator and leading Marvel mainstay Stan Lee broke the internet back in May for filmmakers on the web when he annonced World Of Heroes, an intricate new program for creatives in conjunction with Lee's POW! Entertainment and YouTube Spaces at select global locations. Now, the time has come for the rollout and director John Wynn's latest, Call To Heroes takes the lead with a story centered on The Forge Academy, whose young and gifted pupils, brought together by devastation and tragedy become mankind's last defense against superhuman evil. Watch and enjoy!

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