Ochiai Ken's UZUMASA LIMELIGHT Is Headed To The U.K.!

Ochiai Ken's suspenseful swordplay drama, Uzumasa Limelight became an award-winning festival sensation during its run last year and it's safe to suggest that many of the critics who have seen it all stand behind this one. It's an ardent homage to a bygone era of stylish stunt acting with longtime veteran Fukumoto Seizo in his debut lead role after half a century of having established himself in the world of swordplay genre and action on film, which undoubtedly makes Uzumasa Limelight one worthy of moviegoers' utmost attention.

Uzumasa (Kyoto) is considered the Hollywood of Japan. 
It has produced many “jidaigeki” films (period dramas with sword fighting) that are loved by many Japanese, and are highly praised all over the world. These films wouldn’t be what they were if it weren’t for the “kirareyaku” (actors whose main job is to be killed by the lead star). Men who are killed, without ever being lit by the limelight… 
This story is about those men, the unsung heroes of classic jidaigeki films. They loved and respected the art, even when the production of classic jidaigeki films began to dwindle. Using Charlie Chaplin’s film “Limelight” as an underlying theme, the admirable story of these men dealing with a new generation and fading craftsmanship is told with melancholy and soul.

Third Window Films is releasing the film in the U.K. with a date soon to be announced and Twitchfilm brought the exclusives, including a trailer for you to watch below.


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