Marko Zaror Is Outnumbered By THE GREEN GHOST In The New Teaser!

Hopefully you've had a chance to take advantage of this weekend's limited theatrical and VoD release of action star Marko Zaror's newest revenge thriller, Redeemer. He is not going away anytime soon as he's kept himself pretty busy this past Spring over in Texas as the fight choreographer and starring villain in an upcoming superhero comedy based on an indie bilingual webseries that appears to have done well for itself in conjunction with public outreach to Hispanic locals in the Rio Grande area.

Such is the case for The Green Ghost, originally the brainchild of actor and real-life car dealer Charlie Clark who stars as a car salesman born in the barrio and exists to fight crime. This time, we learn a little more about our character in a much more concentrated feature with Splinter helmer Michael D. Olmos directing, and a teaser is now making the rounds with footage that gives off a much more darker and attractive tone, and some fisticuffs and kicks to boot.

The story of a car salesman who, as a child, was accidentally given superpowers from coming into contact with Aztec crystals and now has to overcome self-doubt in order to utilize those powers to fight off the fabled Lechusa, an Evil Titan of Industry and their gang of supercharged Aztec warriors, hell bent on using the crystals to bring back Montezuma.
Danny Trejo, Kuno Becker and former UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez also star along with a cast we'll likely learn more about as the summer moves forward. In the meantime, enjoy the teaser!

The Green Ghost Teaser
Posted by The Green Ghost on Saturday, June 13, 2015


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