Jing Boran Gives Birth To Royalty In The New Trailer For MONSTER HUNT!

China's recent dealings and inner-workings with Hollywood are lending quite a bit of visual muscle these days in Asian cinema. Animation specialist Raman Hui is certainly ready to benefit from this as he's now taking cues from his earlier time at Dreamworks for titles like Antz and the Shrek trilogy for his latest directorial offering, Monster Hunt, in a milestone effort to echo the same production qualit throughout Asia. Edko's Bill Kong produces the film with a script by Hui along with Alan Yuen, and the premise is a perfect fitting for Hui to flex his creative muscle for Asia's Journey To The West crowd.

In a fantasy world far, far away, monsters ruled the earth. Then came human’s all-out war in an attempt to seize the land. They eventually succeeded in driving the monsters into the dark mountains. Ever since, the two races have lived in their separate worlds, until now. The monster world writhes in chaos as the dark lord plots to overthrow the throne by ordering the assassination of the pregnant monster queen, forcing her to take refuge in the human world. During the deadly pursuit, the dim-witted Tianyin (Jing Boran) is caught up in the middle. In order to save her heir, the dying monster queen spills her egg into Tianyin’s mouth, making him the bearer of the future monster king. Now the most wanted man, Tianyin and the newborn monster’s lives are at stake. Miraculously, rookie monster hunter Xiaonan (Bai Baihe) saves the day. She offers to protect Tianyin under the condition that they sell the newborn monster for a good profit. Who would have thought, the fate of the human and monster races would lie in their hands. Do they have what it takes to confront the danger ahead?
Golden Horse Award nominee, fight choreographer Ku Huan-Chiu (Journey To The West, The Monk) directs the stylish action accompanying many of the special effects-laden shots you'll find, and it looks most impressive. View the trailer right now ahead of its July 16 release, and check out a batch of posters and banners just beneath!

Monster Hunt


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