Bukaw Tests His Starpower For THONGDEE: THE WARRIOR

Former K-1 champion, professional fighter Bukaw Banchamek is moreso a lesser known action actor aside from having also appeared in Nopporn Watin's 2010 period thriller, Yamada: The Samurai Of Ayothaya. Nonetheless, that hasn't stopped him from the prospects of taking his potential beyond the ring and onto a movie set, and his latest move now appears to be yet another period actioner in the form of Thongdee: The Warrior.

It's more familiar territory for Thai action cinema it seems - a village backdrop, tribal ambience and a little romance with stylish action relative to the usual flying knees and elbows, mixed with what looks like a mingling of Chinese martial arts as well with another actor. But more importantly, it's Bukaw in the lead, and in an industry that now remains looking for its next big regional star in a post-Jaa era, it looks as if they've found him and it's safe to say he looks the part.

Phraya Phichai was a Siamese general serving under King Taksin. After the fall of Ayudhya in 1767, Phraya Pichai and Chao Phraya Chakri (who later become the first King of Chakri Dynasty) followed Phraya Taksin in repelling the Burmese and reuniting Siam. They were considered Phraya Taksin's left and right hands.
Though lacking in certain post-production ornaments, there are two versions of the clip now available online with one lasting over five minutes (that's the one you can watch below) and various ramblings from Thai media reports that The Troop Of Ghost and Panya Raenu trilogy helmer Bin Bunluerit is in line to direct the film beginning this October. Hopefully there will be more information on this as soon as it's available, so stick around and put this one on your radar for future reference.


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