WHO AM I? Gets A 2015 Remake With Jackie Chan Producing And A Trailer!

Remakes... They're everywhere, and even in China where newly established film school dean, action legend Jackie Chan partook in producing one nearly seventeen years since the 1998 globetrotting espionage Chan-classic, Who Am I?. Producer and first time helmer Song Xi-Yin directs this latest revival with actor Ocean Wang now taking the lead in helping propel the next generation of action filmmakers and performers, and a cast featuring actreses Anna Yao and Zhang Lan-Xin, with fellow Chan cohorts Ken Lo and Yu Rong Guang also starring.

If you've seen the 1998 original, you pretty much get the gist of it as this particular installation centers around similar plot points with lur lead actor having fallen into amnesia and forced to fight for his life while searching for answers. It's a classic Chan film and the choice to remake a classic can always be a damming one if it's not respected for its history, although the fact that Chan was involved in this is still reassuring in many ways. Chan is a man with clout which could benefit Wang in this, his second bow in a feature film. Here with the help of action director Han Guanhua, the new Who Am I? could forsee a new action star in the making.

However, the fact is that the action will be key to how well this will bode, with at least one particular scene in mind involving the protagonist and two methodical henchmen. It's pretty much what made that movie so unforgettable and it will be nice if the fight sequences here would do the same.

Check out the trailer below ahead of the film's release on June 12 in China.


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