It's been a few days since MGM's forthcoming Western reboot, The Magnificent Seven announced at least one more key role in the form of actor Peter Sarsgaard who will play the villain, via Variety. Since then it's also been stated that actor Jason Momoa dropped out after his name began circulating a few weeks ago, but casting has moved on with at least two more now in the mix.

Deadline reports that actors Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Martin Sensmeier will play the respective roles of "Vasquez" and "Red Harvest", joining lead actor Denzel Washington in a remake of director John Sturges's titular 1960 Western adaptation of an earlier Kurosawa classic. The new film reunites Washington will his Training Day and The Equalizer helmer Antoine Fuqua from scribe John Lee Hancock's final draft which centers on a group of five outlaws hired to protect a small mining town from a ruthless gold baron.

Actress Haley Bennett and actors Ethan Hawke, Chris PrattWagner MouranVincent D'Onofrio, and Byung-hun Lee round out the current cast for the film's expected release of January 13, 2017. Fuqua's latest film, boxing drama Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal will open on July 24 courtesy of TWC.

Stay tuned for more info!


  1. This feels like the Hokey Pokey -cast members in, cast members out... It's hard to keep track of what's going on!

    1. It's certainly like that, which is why I wouldn't mind the help.


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