TIGER HOUSE Kicks The Door In With Its Latest Trailer

It must be no easy feat to be the only one left unaccounted for and having to take on four armed men in a cramped house where hiding is certainly no option. Such is the case for the latest role portrayed by actress Kaya Scodelario in Thomas Daley's new contained home invasion thriller, Tiger House, from a script by Simon Lewis that adds another suspenseful new venture into the genre with actors Dougray Scott and Ed Skrein lending their own cinematic villainy to the mix.

One fateful night, troubled teenager Kelly sneaks into her boyfriend Mark’s house to deliver some sobering news: she’s pregnant. 
But tonight, she’s not the only unwelcome visitor: an armed gang breaks in. Mark’s father Doug manages a cash depot and the gang plan on using Doug’s help to carry out a daring heist using his captive family as leverage. 
Their plan quickly unravels when during the ensuing struggle, the gang’s leader Shane gets injured and is left on Mark’s bed fading in and out of consciousness. Unbeknownst to the intruders, a terrified and vulnerable Kelly is only inches away under the very same bed. 
From her cramped hiding position, Kelly overhears everything and now knows too much, putting her life in terrible danger. 
Now, Kelly must draw on all her reserves of strength and her skills of dexterity, to escape. As the situation spirals out of control, the suburban house becomes a terrifying arena for violence. Faced with no alternative, she must turn and fight back.
EmpireOnline brought the exclusive trailer last week and it's finally making the rounds online with select territorial releases pending, so far including the U.K. this August via Koch Media. Check out the trailer below!


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