SURVIVAL'S END: Watch The New Trailer For Austin St. John's New Sci-Fi Drama

Award-winning filmmaker Daniel E. Springen's latest sci-fi induction, Survival's End, is finally making the rounds with a new trailer following crowdfunding efforts back in February. The crew is currently providing updates via its Facebook page following production last Spring with actor, martial artist and Power Rangers alum, Austin St. John starring, with efforts in part by the Valencia College Film Program in Orlando, Florida.

The film is mainly set in a post-apocalyptic America with a story congruent with certain then-current events, pitting St. John at the center of the chaos as a former military expert leading a group of survivors to safety in the wake of the government's "cleansing" campaign against the Ebola outbreak. It looks more drama heavy then preferred here, but it shows an awful lot of acting caliber with St. John back in his element in front of the camera and lending some fanfare to the Toku base and those interested.

Definitely follow the page for more updates and let's hope this gets an ample release.


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