Superhero Comedy JIAN BING MAN Gets A Trailer With Van Damme Fully Stretched And Ready!

Well it was only a matter of time before action star Jean-Claude Van Damme would reappear in another comedy. His acting has grown pleasantly stronger in recent years so it's still great to watch him get silly from time to time. And his latest, Jian Bing Man (a.k.a. Pancake Man), serves quite the delicious example.

The film is set to arrive in July with Van Damme starring opposite actor and director Peng Da who plays a lowly street food vendor who somehow acquires his powers through the creps he sells. Somehow it leads to a final battle between him and Van Damme possibly in the role of the villain - although not plot details are available to discuss that end.

Suddenly I'm reminded of Meteor Man and Blankman. Hm. Only this could be cooler. Because Van Damme.

The film has some useful footage making the rounds this summer before its July 17 release along with the usual assortment of posters and banners.


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