SPL 2: A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES Lets Out The Mayhem In A Brand New Trailer!

The verdict is still out on how well director Soi Cheang's SPL 2: A Time For Consequences will stand with audiences. In the meantime, the promotional campaign remains on-going and the footage is pulling no punches with actors Wu Jing, Tony Jaa and Max Zhang at the center of this gruesome crime tale thematic of Chinese astrology.

The plot of this particular sequel installment is quite intricate with a much more grander scale for its characters and setting. My own summation here: Run by a corrupt warden (Zhang), a Thai prison and its illegal orga smuggling ring and an elusive crimeboss (Louis Koo) are the initial stake for an undercover Hong Kong cop (Jing) whose cover is blown and must find a way to break out, while serving as the only bone marrow match for the dying daughter of one of the guards who helps him (Jaa).

The film is releasing on June 18, and we're more than likely to keep seeing more and more posters and footage surface. However, Malaysia cinema chain GSC Movies is showcasing a brand new trailer for the film that bodes just nicely before then, and I'm almost certain we are likely to hear some acquisition news for other territories with Cannes in full effect.

Check out the goods below along with another featurette released this week.


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