Sci-Fi Robo Thriller, VIRTUS Lends Us A New Teaser With Louis Koo Starring!

It was sometime last year that we were introduced to a slick teaser for an upcoming feature that would easily suit today sci-fi action niche. Virtus is the name of said project, and here and now we finally get to add a human face into the mix with actor Louis Koo suited up and ready to kick some robot ass in the newest teaser now going viral.

Koo took to this year's events at HK FilMart in representation of his One Cool Film Group LTD. banner, which he launched in 2013. The film, to possibly be directed by Benny Chan with a budget reportedly of up to HK $300 million dollars is one of an eight-title slate announced at the time with its development currently in the hands of one of its partners, leading Hong Kong VFX studio, FatFace Production LTD. who featured the first teaser last summer.

Details are needed as much as they are unavailble right now, but this is a great starting point for FatFace, a company that's been around for close to ten years or more with an impressive workload (The Warlords, Storm Warriors and Tai Chi Hero to name a few ) and a costume designer with quite a resumé of his own, and I sincerely hope this studio keeps up the good work on this end. The footage looks absolutely solid and is sure to continue hitting all the right notes when this movie finally flourishes for its home audience in Asia and abroad.

Koo is currently slated to appear in Ringo Lam's new crime thriller, Wild City, opening in Hong Kong, China and the U.S. this July. In the meantime, take a look at what Virtus is all about in the second teaser below.

VIRTUS (working title) - Teaser 2015 from FATface on Vimeo.

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