Mohamed Qissi Joins Argentinian Cop Sequel, MORTAL LAW (LEY MORTAL)

Aside from its film festival run overseas in the last few years Argentian 2013 revenge thriller, Justicia Propia currently remains a local success story for its lead action star Juan Manuel Olmedo while plans are evermore hopeful to release the film beyond borders next year. That said, it's been a while since any and all talk of a sequel began circulating, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening. Because there will be plenty happening between August and September.

Olmedo has exclusively confirmed via press release with Film Combat Syndicate that Ley Mortal (Mortal Law), the sequel to Justicia Propia from Stunt Fighter Producciones, 3C Films and Lumiere Films, will begin principal photography in the next few months. Filmed in English and Castilian Spanish, Helmer Gaston Cha will direct with Olmedo reprising his role from a script by Bruno Zilli which now sees hero cop fighting his way through the walls of a private prison after being framed for his sister's alleged murder. In addition to coordinating the action, Olmedo will also produce with producers Juan Crespo and Adrian Ortiz.
Officer Diego Ponce (Juan Manuel Olmedo) "a narcotics policeman" goes to jail after being indicted in the alleged murder of his sister Graciela Ponce, spends his days locked in a maximum security prison private in the outskirts of the city. Where he meets Eduardo Marino "his brother-in-law", who is imprisoned for dealing with a drug gang and being murderer masterminding the homicide of her own daughter Silvina Marino. 
Inside prison, Ponce attempts to rescue his lawyer and ex-girlfriend Marina Vassal Martínez (Miriam Lanzoni), daughter of police chief, Aníbal Vasallo, that in wanting to clarify his capture was kidnapped by Alfredo Benaci "Jail’s director”, faithful ally of Humberto Solano "Deputy Minister of Security of the Province ". 
In prison he also encounters his former co-elite, who were jailed in a drug raid, Walter Cespedes and Yago (Mohamed Qissi). 
Ponce will have to fight his past and his present before being killed by dangerous convicts in prison. His revenge of justice reveal an exciting police thriller full of intrigue, passion and above all, a lot of action.
Action movie fans at large may be familiar with actor Qissi who has played a pivotal role in propelling Jean-Claude Van Damme's film career, primarily as the villainous Tong Po in the 1989 installation of Kickboxer.

Further details describe Qissi's character in Mortal Law as Yago Tapia, outside of being the villain's right hand man, as a highly trained and disciplined weapons expert, fighter and member of the rebel group, Elite. The press release also stated that the film will take place in two stages, with the second stage filmed inside its prison setting with Olmedo and Qissi fighting at least twice throughout the film.

The cast is currently training under fifth-dan Tae Kwon Do blackbelt Gustavo Balbis, while Qissi himself also announced his participation in the new movie in a recent video you can check out below.

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