Jackie Chan's Movie And Media School Opens In Wuhan

While the 61-year old action cinema mainstay was busy stirring up enthusiam with a special award to fund young filmmakers with the aid of the Marche du Film at Cannes, plans were already unfolding for Chan's new school which had its celebratory opening six days ago as of this report. THR writes that The Jackie Chan Film and Television Academy of the Wuhan Institute of Design and Sciences officially opened to the public May 20, where Chan himself will serve as the Dean.

The school, where Chan said he hopes to utilize his own experiences in conjunction with that of others to provide an outlet, as well as an interactive venue for students between classrooms and actual sets, is stated to be a lifelong dream for the action star whose earlier efforts to open one in Beijing long before had led to nowhere for "many reasons." Chan's staff will partially include a growing number of guest professors at the school, with actor Zhang Guoli, actress Li Bingbing, director Feng Xiaogang and his wife, actress Xu Fan among those named.

"Today, I am able to establish it through the assistance of the people who do care," said Chan.

So there you have it. Obviously this is something that his own stunt team has benefited from in the years since Hong Kong cinema's golden era well into the 90s as his circle grew more and more diverse. However, with his newest endeavors finally taking off after a long and continuing legendary film career, Chan can finally open doors for the next generation to absorb the crux of his successes and become future content creators for the next millennia.

As for movies, yes. June 5 is when Well Go USA premieres Police Story: Lockdown in select cities. Stay tuned for more info!


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