It's A Tale Of Heroes And Villains Big And Small In The New MONSTER HUNT Teaser!

Considering China's continuing efforts in sharpening its visionary methods for 3D fantasy filmmaking, debut director Raman Hui's newest offering couldn't come at a better time. His new film, Monster Hunt, which he also wrote with Alan Yuen, is based on an 18th century short story compilation, serves up quite the for someone like Hui to deliver the same caliber of family-oriented action adventure spectacle seen aplenty in his previous work as supervising animator and lead character designer for films such as Dreamworks’ Antz, Shrek and Shrek 2, and as co-director for Shrek The Third, to name a few.

Set in a fictional world where human has waged war against monster for generations, the story begins with the birth of Woba, the last royal bloodline of the monster king, and centers on his quest to bring unity to the two races.
Edko Bill Kong produces with a promising cast that lists Bai BaiheJing Boran and Tang Wei along with Yao ChenEric TsangSandra Ng and Wallace Chung. Action, adventure, comedy with heroes big AND small in a cinematic presentation with excellent choreography by Golden Horse Award nominee Ku Huan-Chiu (Journey To The West, The Monk) are the goal here with an appeal to a market that continues to bridge its industry overseas with some noteworthy results.

Check out the latest teaser below before its July 16 release, in addition to a behind-the-scenes featurette with excerpts by Hui and Yuen, production designer Taneda Yohei, cinematographer Anthony Pun and visual effects supervisor Jason H. Snell among others.


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