HOLLYWOOD ADVENTURES Lead To A Pig, A Rattlesnake, Bullets And High Speed Chases In The New Trailer

Anything for a girl, it seems...Such it is for actor Huang Xiaoming's latest role as a man searching for his true love in Timothy Kendall's directorial debut, Hollywood Adventures. But will it be worth it to have to dodge all those damn bullets, near-death car accidents, disco balls to the dick and rattlesnakes? Personally I'd rather keep my balls in one piece, thank you very much.

When the girl of his dreams breaks up with him, Xiaoming (Huang Xiao Ming), a mild-mannered car salesman from China, buys Hollywood Adventure, the last available package tour from a shady travel website, so he can get to Los Angeles to win back his girlfriend. Along the way he’s paired up with a loony, cinema-crazed tourist named Dawei (Tong Dawei) and a slippery but hot Hollywood tour guide, WeiWei (Zhao Wei), whose scam finds her caught between a rock and a rhino horn - literally. When Xiaoming’s search for his girlfriend suddenly transforms into a rambunctious action comedy of errors across Hollywood, the quarrelsome partners Xiaoming and WeiWei finally discover what’s really important in life.
Justin Lin produced the film under his Perfect Storm Entertainment banner with Troy Craig Poon, in the company of producers Anne Clements and John Pierson. Enlight Pictures is releasing the film in China on June 26 while IM Global has since snagged the rights for the film outside North America and Southeast Asia.

The newest trailer is also here as well as some poster art just beneath!


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