HatLine Productions Moves Into Film Development With 'Ben Blackshaw' Book Series

Fans of action novels and espionage thrillers can add another to their list of upcoming films thanks to the most recent efforts of producer Stephanie Hill over at HatLine Productions. The studio's latest acquisition of celebrated author and TV crime writer Robert Blake Whitehill's 2012 Telemachus Press, LLC publication, Deadrise, is lending itself as a guaranteed seller to consumers favorable of hit franchsies like 007 and Bourne according to a recent press release. Moreover, it's the first of a trilogy at that, and with a description like this one via the author's website, Deadrise sounds like it will be an exciting piece of film.
Diving the Chesapeake Bay for oysters after a late season hurricane, former S.E.A.L. Ben Blackshaw discovers the recent wreck of a speedboat mired on the bottom. It’s jammed with millions in gold bullion, and one other box that turns out to be a suitcase dirty bomb, its timer counting down to zero just twenty-four hours away. But the real shock is the corpse of a drowned man at the helm of the wreck; a man Ben has not seen in fifteen years. His father 
Ben learns his father stole the gold and the device from an Iran-Contra style government black-ops deal.  Maynard Chalk, the agent who let the deal go south, wants the goods back to save his own skin. Chalk and his jackal henchmen descend on the quiet, god-fearing people of Ben Blackshaw’s Chesapeake home, Smith Island, determined to recover what’s theirs no matter the cost in innocent blood. 
Ben Blackshaw and his wily Smith Island neighbors must set aside a growing mistrust that naturally attends such an influx of wealth and power. They decide that recent desperate times can be set right if they manage to keep this orphaned gold for themselves and somehow stop that bomb.  To do this, they must tap into the Island’s darker pirate heritage.  Not seventy miles from Washington, D.C., they make a desperate last stand against Chalk. If they fail, Ben’s gamble will be the opening skirmish of World War Three.
Of course, the big question is who will play the former Navy SEAL for this first installment. It'll be a delight to learn more as time progresses with two more possibly in the can, and in addition, with the help of a studio already knee-deep in a growing body of work that's sure to help generate audiences more toward gritty and down-to-earth action adventure flicks.

Stay tuned for more info!


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