Chinese Language U.S. Action Comedy, HOLLYWOOD ADVENTURES Scores An Explosive Teaser!

Many films and television shows in recent memory are further continuing to exemplify the growing proximity between respective industries in Hollywood and China. Such is the case for the on-going partnership of Beijing-based Perfect Storm Entertainment's own, producer and Fast & Furious franchise helmer Justin Lin and Chinese media mogul Bruno Wu with one of their most recent crossover endeavors heading to Mainland cinemas this June.

I speak of Hollywood Adventures, the latest romantic road action comedy romp from debut director Timothy Kendall and the largest Chinese-language production to film primarily in Southern California. Leading lady Vicky Zhao and actors, The White-Haired Witch star Huang Xiaoming and Badges Of Fury co-star Tong Dawei headline the sprawling cast with a story centered on a man desperately searching for his sweetheart in the heart of Hollywood. This, all while crossing paths with an array of colorful characters to enhance the challenging danger along the way as one might expect, including co-star Stephen Tobolowsky who likes his explosions done right. Dammit.

Anyway, Hollywood Adventures looks like a great package for moviegoers between its shared home in the U.S. and China. Lin's name alone is an assurance of just what fans can expect with tons of comedy, action and spectacle with stunt sequences coordinated by Mike Gunther (Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Sabotage) on hand. The rest can speak for itself and with a trailer now online, to each his own. Take a look!


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