Catch The Official U.S. Poster And Trailer For Marko Zaror's REDEEMER!

Don't drop the ball on international action star Marko Zaror. He's still keeping busy with several titles well on the way and it's a only matter of time before the news breaks on those matters. At the moment though, you're advised to pay close attention and witness the awesomeness now seen in the newest trailer for Zaror's 2014 film festival favorite, Redeemer, forging a path once more for the martial arts action genre to reign supreme on the big screen once again, and this time for more audiences.

In this pulse-pounding actioner, an ex-hitman (martial arts master Marko Zaror) seeks redemption for his sins by meting out violent justice to those who would prey on the innocent. Known on the streets as the Redeemer, Pardo is a vigilante desperate for redemption and earns it by offering criminals the chance to ask forgiveness for their crimes or pay the ultimate price. When his bloody path crosses that of would-be drug lord Braddock (Noah Segan, Looper, Deadgirl), he must fight an entire underworld organization while keeping one step ahead of a vengeful assassin seeking to undo his virtuous work. 
Director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza (The ABCs of Death, Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman) and Zaror team up once again to provide a jaw-dropping action spectacle with genre-savvy humor that offers an impossibly violent, often humorous and thrilling take on the action film.
My review is here if you're curious to learn why this film deserves to be seen. Beyond that, the film is set to arrive on June 12, and you can now catch the official trailer for its North American release courtesy of MPI Media Group's Dark Sky banner. Watch it below, and stick around for my interview with the action star later this week!


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