Cannes 2015: 80's Martial Arts Fantasy Flick, KUNG FURY, Gets Distribution

It's been a fantastic journey for independent filmmaker, David Sandberg and his team at Laser Unicorns in the past few years, and I don't use the word "fantastic" too loosely. His mission to conceive his latest neon-lit labor of love, Kung Fury, in its grandiose adherence to the lasting cult fandom of all things 1980's-oriented and whimsical, hasn't been an easy one to accomplish, and were it not for the explosively successful crowdfunding campaign that earned him and his skeleton film crew three times over their original goal, it's safe to say that the project likely wouldn't have picked up as much steam as it has, especially in this climate.

Save for its experimental nature, Sandberg's got credentials and he applied them quite well in a such a workable proof-of-concept, now accompanied with even more prominence by way of singer and actor David Hasselhoff as of earlier this month performing a high-energy kick-ass theme song for the film. Yes, to this day as Kung Fury took to the Directors' Fortnight slot at Cannes, this project has been nothing short of a big deal with the promise of a 30-minute shortfilm release looming, as well as the prospects of a feature film production. And with regard to the shortfilm, the word from Screendaily is that Under The Milky Way has officially picked it up for VOD distribution on May 28, 2015 in to release English-language territories, along with Scandinavia, Germany, Russia, Spain and Latin America.

Sandberg, who wrote and directed the shortfilm, stars as its lead - a rogue martial arts detective forced to find his way back to present day 1980's Miami when an attempt to time travel back to Nazi Germany and avenge his friend's death at the hands of Adolf Hitler: Kung Führer, accidentally sends him to the Viking Age. It's all downhill from there as our hero races against time crosses and paths with dinosaurs, Norse gods, machine gun-wielding Viking hotties, killer robots and much more - all in a visionary display of over-the-top action, martial arts and spectacle that shamelessly defies gravity and physics.

If this is your first time hearing of Kung Fury, you're more than welcome to revisit the latest music video, and keep your eyes peeled for more info!

H/T: Screendaily


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