ANGRY PAINTER Is Angry. Watch The Trailer.

Award-winning filmmaker Jeon Kyu-Hwan isn't afraid to take his contemplative arthouse style approach (as previously lauded in his work on the Town trilogy) and turn it up a notch. His newest erotic action thriller, Angry Painter, puts us square in the main character's tragic universe - one filled with madness and darkness, with several shades of red...and some black and blue, too.

Painter is veiled in mystery and seems to exist beyond this world. He spends his time painting, while his partner Driver makes love to Elbe, the Estonian woman whom he met at the strip bar. Meeting each other was like a heaven, however she misses her sister still living back at the country. The heavenly time all ends abruptly when her ex-boyfriend breaks into their house. When Painter arrives in the house, he finds Elbe is killed and Driver is deadly wounded. Painter helps his partner die in peace, then travels to Estonia with final remnant of Elbe. There, he comes across Kristi, Elbe's sister. Slowly and silently their lives intertwine, and Painter's true identity is revealed…
Actor and real-life painter Yoo Jun-Sang leads the film for its release on June 18 in South Korea, and the new trailer is now out and about to glance at. And nope, no happy little trees or bushes here either.


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