Watch Amy Johnston's Teaser Announcement For RAZOR SHARP: RENEGADE

The last few years have taken off quite well for stuntwoman Amy Johnston who's managed to find her route in applying her craft toward becoming a formidable actress as well. A sample of her talents are presented in numerous online projects on top of her highly popular action demo from several years back shot at the formerly-titled White Lotus Kung Fu Academy in California, as her resumé expands further into stunts in leading roles as of late, notably the upcoming release of Chris Nahon's Lady Bloodsport and series premiere of R.L. Scott's Option Zero, and as of this week, the currently-developing sci-fi actioner, Razor Sharp: Renegade.

Writer and director Marcus Perry leads the way with his own script as a concept that has otherwise been long in the making with at least one iteration of the project listed circa 2006 in shortform with a different cast. With Razor Sharp: Renegade looking toward feature-film revitalization with Johnston on point, there's much potential to be had. Alas, it won't be a matter of if, but when, and as such, a poster was unveiled recently in lieu of a new teaser announcement Johnston is hosting on her channel. Full disclosure: I got to see the concept teaser for myself, and as talented as Johnston is, she continues to reign supreme which will be hugely beneficial for a project as visually slick-looking as this.

Impenetrable fortresses, SWAT-trained security forces, the occasional piece of malfunctioning gear; it's all in a night's work for quirky corporate thief, Veronica Sharpe. 
But when she breaks into the most high-tech weapons manufacturing facility in the world, her business turns anything but usual when the technology she's there to steal is revealed to be a brilliant little girl with a devastating secret. 
Set in a stylish near-future, and loaded with action and laughs, RAZOR SHARP is one thrill-ride that would be criminal to miss.
Watch the teaser below and check out the poster just beneath.

Razor Sharp: Renegade


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