[UPDATED] WB & Sony Currently Bidding For Rights To THE FOREVER WAR, Channing Tatum To Star

UPDATE: Looks like Warner Bros. gets it! (H/T: Deadline)

Being the fan that I am, my biggest concern is what lies ahead for actor Channing Tatum when he finally gets things rolling as Marvel mutant cardsharp and X-Men member, Remy LeBeau in a new Gambit film for Fox. Until then, there's plenty to talk about as the list of titles add up what with Sony moving forward with a batch of work as it continues its 21 Jumpstreet adventures with a possible Men In Black crossover.

Moreover, there's also a newly announced bidding war between Sony and Warner Bros. for the rights to author Joe Haldeman's 1974 book franchise, The Forever War, which later expanded to two sequel books and a graphic novel. The rights have been switching hands in the last couple of decades, including those of special effects pioneer and Star Wars franchise crew alum Richard Edlund, and director Ridley Scott who acquired the rights in 2008 with several screenwriters contributing drafts of their own.

THR describes the book as follows:
The 1974 novel of a young man conscripted into a military task force in a war against an alien species named the Taurans. Through many battles, the man rises up the ranks of the military but travelling through space has time-warping effects, causing him to age normally but Earth to spin centuries. 
The planet undergoes many changes, including the melding into one homogenous race, the elimination of heterosexuality, and the speaking of a new language.  At the same time, he tries to remain connected to his true love, a fellow (and female) soldier who also uses space-time to slow down her aging so she can be with him.
The novel itself is a prize pick for fans of sci-fi literature, and Warner and Sony are just two of several studios that have been after the rights to this property. That said, provided that the right script is at hand with the right director, this could be another hit. I still want my Gambit film though. Just sayin. Yes, I am biased here.

More to come!


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