The New Trailer For MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Unleashes Its Final Fury!

Is it enough that several trailers are pillaging their way through the interwebs for the new death race roadkill adventure, Mad Max: Fury Road? Is it enough that franchise auteur and director George Miller has already won the hearts and minds of fans everywhere who've hung onto every spectacular piece footage to surface since last summer? Or is it enough that Miller and Warner Bros. are already looking toward three more movies in what could be a quadrilogy of epic proportions?

No, of course not. While there's only so much detail the footage rolling out can spare, we have some fresh new imagery of Miller's gritty, dirty and sizzling reboot in a final trailer for the film with actor Tom Hardy narrating his way through this scorching hot warzone alongside Charlize Theron. The production here is big and bold, and packing tons of gasoline to help light the way to a burning hot streak at the box office, and what with all the bloodshed and ashes these trailers keep leaving, you can all bet your wallets and your fandom there's plenty more where that came from when the film finally unleashes its 'Fury' on May 15.

Watch the shit out of this trailer below and count the days!


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