The New Trailer For JURASSIC WORLD Shows You Its Teeth!

Dinosaur movie auteur Steven Spielberg left a stark legacy in the world of creature features when he directed the 1993 blockbuster hit, Jurassic Park. The film branched out to massive franchise popularity with books, theme park attractions and more with at least two sequels through 2001 which underperformed the first film but still did excellently for themselves, and now Spielberg, wearing his executive producer hat this time around, has helped bring his latest prehistoric revival with the fourth film, Jurassic World.

Colin Trevorrow is at the helm with action star Chris Pratt whose post-Guardians Of The Galaxy careers has seen a huge uptick since last summer, which is probably an understatement considering the titles he's lined up for by now. Here, Pratt gets down to the nitty gritty with the beasts as he bridges the gap as the world's only hope against the park's most dangerous creation to date - a dinosaur that kills its own. Trevorrow co-wrote the script with scribe Derek Connolly here, and for what its worth, on top of the improved visuals over the years in making dinosaurs come to life, this one should service nicely to the monster movie crowd. Such is Legendary Pictures's brand, of course.

The new trailer is out ahead of the film's June 12 release. Peep it below, and remember to get your tickets as this should be fun for the whole family. You know, like the park.


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