THE HIT LIST - April 27, 2015!

The past week was insane for me, as there have been tons of things I needed to get done whilst completing today's Hit List. Fortunately, I'm making headway here and managed to finish knocking this puppy out all in a day, on top of wrapping up a special project over the weekend as well.

In the meantime, let's get things going with this week's Hit List of stunt performance and choreography/training reels and other fine gems from Sia Alipour, Hannah Betts, Simon Potter, Doc Duhame, Niko Dalman, Cedric Tellier, Mike Moeller and Roberto Lopez!

Roberto Lopez 2015 Stunt Performers Reel from Stuntworks on Vimeo.

Now for something a little bit more comprehensive and formal - It was World Tai Chi Day on Saturday, and in lieu of this, acclaimed Tai Chi practioner Wang Hai Jun performed a bit of his craft in the new short, Towards The Light from UK-based Maker Projects. Pretty fluid and nice on the eyes as Tai Chi always is as deadly it can be in its sheer subtlety, and definitely something kung fu training aficionados can appreciate. Beneath that, well, is something not so subtle with a performance by Shaolin Temple trained Shi Yong Hong getting some freestlye in with a vivacious double broadsword form in a new video from the folks over at Kung Fu Heroes!

Wang Hai Jun - Towards the Light from Maker Projects on Vimeo.

Getting into teaser and trailer territory here for just a bit, there are two right now worth taking a glimpse at - the first is the most recent teaser for the second installation of the fan-inspired titular Marvel property from Workhorse Pictures in Storms Of Carnage: The Black Panther Unleashed - Part 2. It follows last year's successful short and introduces a new superheroine into the mix and you can probably guess who it is.

The second beneath it comes from Garage Hero's own Bueno who's been honing in his craft at YouTube Space Japan for about a year now, with one of his earliest projects there being the Gonzo action-packed sexy red-band promo project, Yakuzambie. Now, the famed Gun Caliber helmer is back with a new trailer for an upcoming webseries that adheres to the same, totally eye-popping sexy ninja genre for its fans in Ayakashi Zamurai. Eight episodes are pending by this summer with Kimura Keisaku starring along with actresses Hara Natsuko and fellow YouTube personality Seikiguchi Aimi, and others.

And now, we start the fisticuffs, and at the top is a new test fight from Wolf Stunts in the latest "Home Invasion" setting with David Conk and Ben Aycrigg. Beneath that is Bryan Sloyer's newest gem in the form of Mercy with performances by Jay Kwon and Anthony Oh, and lastly, following the teaser from a few Hit Lists ago comes Michael Lehr's own new longstanding project VerseS, which debuted this month. It's the first of an eight-part series from he and the gang at Fight Factory Stunt Team, with poetically violent performances by Lehr along with Oscar Leiva, Vaughndio Forbes, Jerry Quill and Katelyn Brooke, and the series is still in production with part three close to completion.

Enjoy the action below!

Feel free to subscribe to any of these channels above and CLICK HERE to view the earlier entries. Once more, you have a shortfilm, stunt reel or teaser you would like hosted in our weekly Hit List, shoot us an e-mail at!


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